Michigan Paternity Issues and Family Law Attorney

A paternity action establishes a father’s parental relationship with a child and, when successful, confers legal responsibilities and parenting rights on the father. A father might seek to establish parentage in order to gain custody and/or visitation rights over a child. A mother may file a paternity action in order to establish a financial responsibility on the father of her child.

The Mt Clemens, Michigan family and divorce lawyer Roberta Kyselka Sarkis, has helped thousands of mothers and fathers successfully pursue paternity rights in the past three decades. We have the experience to effectively and efficiently handle even the most complex paternity case.

Helping Fathers. Helping Mothers.

We work with dads who wish to pursue and establish paternity and the accompanying visitation and parenting rights. We also work with married, unmarried and pregnant mothers who wish to establish paternity in order to receive child support.

In addition, we handle paternity legal issues regarding:

  • Children of domestic partners
  • Children of committed but unmarried parents

We also represent men who have been served with paternity lawsuit papers. In all instances, child custody, child support and visitation rights may be at stake. We can explain your full options and rights in a no-charge discussion.

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