Officially known as dissolution of marriage, divorce is a complicated process that can include a number of different elements. Any overview of divorce must include mentions of property division, spousal support, and child custody if applicable. Once a divorce filing is made, the parties can either work these things out on their own or the court will make ruling s on the various aspects in play. Ultimately the divorce process can be seamless or difficult depending upon the level of cooperation between the two parties.

In a divorce, the most pressing thing in front of the court is figuring out who will get the property. Some property within a marriage can be called “marital” property in that it belongs to both parties jointly. This is generally any asset or piece of real property that was acquired during the course of the marriage. If the parties cannot agree on the division of this property, the court will come up with a means of equitably dividing the interests.

Likewise, there is some property in a marriage that is kept separate because it was owned prior to entering the marriage or perhaps it came about as a gift or inheritance. The court will ensure that this property is kept separate.

In Michigan, the courts will also help figure out disputes in spousal support and child custody.