Child Support

In the state of Michigan, the method used to determine child support payments, is pretty cut and dry. There is a schedule that is followed by indexing the incomes of both parents to the state’s Child Support Worksheet. The monthly support is then based on the combined net income of the parents and how many children are involved.

Child support is not “optional” under Michigan state law. Whether you’re divorced, unmarried, or your name appears on the birth certificate of a child though you are not the biological father, you are responsible for child support if so ordered by the court. At the law office of Roberta K.  Sarkis we represent clients in child support cases, preparing financial information, medical records, and other documents necessary for determining the financial needs of any children involved. As a family law attorney, Ms. Cotto also prepares enforcement orders to collect unpaid child support. If necessary, our office hires private investigators and forensic accountants to find “dead-beat dads” or hidden assets.

Calculating Child Support — What’s Involved

While a number of factors will be consider, child support usually involves taking into consideration the following:

  • Visitation time

  • Income of both parents

  • Money spent for education

  • Payment for medical coverage

  • Costs associated with daycare

  • How many children are involved

Mediation — Avoiding Angry, Costly Litigation

Depending on the circumstances involved, mediation may be a more timely, cost-effective means for resolving your child custody dispute. Especially in cases where job loss or illness creates the need to modify the amount of child support paid, mediation allows parents to reach terms agreeable to both without sacrificing the needs of their children.

Additionally, if you go to court you run the risk of having a judge impose terms that may not suit the needs of either person, making your situation even more difficult. As your attorney, Roberta  identifies terms mutually agreeable to everyone involved, allowing you the flexibility to work problems out together without heading into court first.

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